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Free Movie Download

Free movie download refers to a downloadable movie file that is offered on the Internet without asking for a corresponding cost. This type of movie file is available in VCD or DVD format.

What genres of free movie download are available on the Internet?

The Internet currently houses a wide collection of free movie download files from all film genres known to man. It is now possible to find a free movie download for almost every movie ever made from black comedies such as Fight Club and A Clockwork Orange to parody films such as Not Another Teen Movie and Meet the Spartans.

Where can you get free movie download files?

* Peer-to-peer networks

Some of the most popular sources of a free movie download are peer-to-peer networks. Peer-to-peer networks are online communities that allow users to share media files with one another. Users of peer-to-peer networks are allowed to upload whatever media files they have and are also permitted to download whatever media files they can find in the community. Most peer-to-peer networks contain free movie download files for a wide variety of movies from different genres, years, directors and film studios.

* Torrent sites

An advanced version of peer-to-peer networks, torrent sites refer to the websites that offer a variety of media files that are also available for free downloads. The download time of the free movie download you will find in torrent sites is shorter than that of peer-to-peer networks. With some torrent sites, you can enjoy a faster download and a quicker access to your free movie download. The benefit of getting a free movie download from torrent sites is that you can actually get digital copies of your favorite films without paying for hosting costs to the original distributor.

* Free movie download websites

Free movie download websites come in two forms: the first offers limited movie downloads with no cost whatsoever, while the second offers unlimited movie downloads in exchange for a subscription fee. To find free movie download websites on the Internet, just type in the keywords "free movie download websites" on your preferred search engine.

Is it legal to get a free movie download from the Internet?

Yes and no. Yes, it is legal to get a free movie download if the copyright owner of the film granted the movie file distributor with a permission to offer the movie online. Distributors are required to pay the copyright owner with a corresponding amount to get the film's distribution rights. The copyright owner of a movie can be its producer, its director, its writer or its home studio. The free movie download offered online is considered illegal if it is distributed without the consent of the copyright owner.